Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is the Franchise Fee and what does it cover?
A.  $25,000 Franchise Fee for the right to develop a restaurant using Blue Coast’s brand and propriety systems.

Q.  What is the Royalty Fee?
A.  5% of sales for your continued support by the Blue Coast team, i.e. brand management, operating system, marketing and ongoing business development consulting.

Q.  What is the term of a Franchise Agreement?
A.  The initial term is 10 years, with 2 - 5 year renewal options.

Q.  Do you offer Multi-unit development?
A.  Yes. We offer both single unit and multi units to qualified candidates.

Q.  What is the estimated Initial Investment?
A.  The total investment is $368,000 to $572,000. This includes the Franchise Fee, restaurant build-out, training expenses and other businesses expenses normally incurred in opening a restaurant.

Q.  Do you offer financing?
A.  No, not directly; however, we will provide leads for funding sources among others from your own connections.

Q.  Is previous food experience necessary to be awarded a Blue Coast Burrito franchise?
A.  We understand that financial investors may not have operational experience.  We do require that you have an experienced restaurant operator as part of your management team and prefer that he/she be an equity partner.

Q.  What kind of support does Blue Coat Burrito offer?
A.  We offer hands on support in all aspects of owning and operating your restaurant including development advice, operational training, marketing, IT, purchasing as well as on-going support and guidance.  

Q.  How long from the start to the actual opening of a Blue Coast Burrito?
A.  After signing your lease the opening will typically range from 3 to 6 months.

Q.  Where is Blue Coast expanding?
A.  We are focused on the Southeast USA